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Coffee Chocolate Bean to Bean Basket

Coffee Chocolate Bean to Bean Basket


(Cocoa) Bean to (Coffee) Bean - It was inevitable!

The Chocolate Path has created a special gift selection of coffee and chocolate.  We've paired 1/2 pound of Java Love Coffee Roasting Company’s Columbia Jardin Alma Del Cafe with a selection of Columbia’s Santander chocolates.

This is a wonderful gift for anyone who loves chocolate and coffee. The 4 chocolate bars are perfectly matched with the coffee and feature 53% Cocoa, 53% with Wild Blackberry, 65% Cocoa and 70% Cocoa.  

Tasting notes for the coffee are:

FLAVOR: MILD & SWEET A classic Latin-American cup, distinctly sweet and free of bitterness - tangy, grapefruity, perhaps spicy. Rich and complex, with subtle winey notes, with a deep, lingering finish. This Colombian with very mild acidity, is well-balanced in taste, body and aroma, making it a great coffee any time of day.

ROAST: Medium-Light (City Roast) brings out the complexity of flavors.