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Pralus Pyramide des Tropiques

Pralus Pyramide des Tropiques


Ten different, single-origin, 75% cacao dark chocolates in one beautiful package. Each is colorfully wrapped and made with different beans gathered from around the world.  This is the perfect item to use for your own personal chocolate tasting.  See how each one tastes different from the others.

The stack contains one 5 gram square of each of the following varieties: Papouasie, Indonésie, São Tomé, Trinidad, Venezuela, Tanzanie, Ghana, Madagascar, Colombie, & Equateur. A world-class chocolate-tasting experience!  These chocolates are gluten-free and make an amazing gift.  

Based in France, Pralus Chocolate uses only the best beans of their own choosing from around the world. By creating their own chocolate from the beans, they achieve the peak of flavor and aroma. The result is the Pralus chocolate that takes you on a journey of unique taste through the world of chocolate and cocoas.