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Pralus Brésil 75%

Pralus Brésil 75%


This chocolate bar  evolves from a grassy, earthy melt to a chocolate bursting with fruits, in particular Raspberry. An interesting journey of flavours and one that ends with a perfectly balanced, well rounded chocolate for all tastes.

François Pralus now has his own cacao plantation in Madagascar on the island of Nosy Be, also known as the isle of perfumes. From Sao Tome by the way of Brazil and Venezuela, Monsieur Pralus has personally selected cacao for the plantation from the finest origins in the world. The beans are grown, harvested and fermented with care and then roasted and transformed into a delightful chocolate in his Roanne facility.

Based in France, Pralus Chocolate uses only the best beans of their own choosing from around the world. By creating their own chocolate from the beans, they achieve the peak of flavor and aroma. The result is the Pralus chocolate that takes you on a journey of unique taste through the world of chocolate and cocoas.