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Lillie Belle Farms Cayenne Caramels

Lillie Belle Farms Cayenne Caramels


The Ultimate Sweet Heat Treat! This is the perfect spicy caramel. A semi-liquid center is packed with full cayenne pepper flavor and encased in a dark organic chocolate.

Lillie Belle Farms starts with almost 2 acres of organic raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries to make their delicious fruit cordials and truffles. They add the world's finest organic chocolate from Central and South America.

Carefully creating unique flavor profiles by blending and matching various cocoa contents, Lillie Belle Farms blends in the freshest regional ingredients to enhance the varietal characteristics of the chocolate. From Madagascar vanilla beans to Oregon Hazelnuts, they find the perfect combination of flavors, making each piece an adventure in recombinant taste bud excitation.