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Askinosie Cortes, Honduras 70% Bar

Askinosie Cortes, Honduras 70% Bar


70% Cortés, Honduras Dark Chocolate Bar

70% dark chocolate (includes 3% cocoa butter)
30% organic sugar

Askinosie's single-origin dark chocolate bar is made with cocoa beans from Cortés, Honduras. Shawn and Kyle traveled to a Honduran farm run by Fermin Arriaga in fall 2010 to investigate the beans and bring back samples. The farm is just a few miles away from the Port of Cortés, which makes the logistics of shipping cocoa beans much easier for both the farmers and Askinosie.

This geographical area has a long history of cocoa farming that dates back to the Mayan civilization; cocoa has its origins in this region.

The flavor profile of this bar is bright and bold with intense notes of dried fruit and peppery tannins in the finish.