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Amedei 9 Signature Bar

Amedei 9 Signature Bar


Amedei's unique signature '9' blend involved years of research and of discovering and restoring nine key cocoa plantations whose special beans, blended and refined according to Amedei's exacting formula, become a strong and balanced dark chocolate whose taste expresses the distinctive and nuanced qualities of each plantation.

Just as a fine scotch whiskey benefits from the best balance of key ingredients, so does the '9'. You will savor a unique, tantalizing journey of exquisite and sometimes surprising flavor notes, such as cherry and molasses, clove, blueberry, coffee and earthy/grassy tones. The '9' blend first heralded Amedei's emergence as a world force in chocolate making and is a true connoisseur's chocolate.

Amedei is a chocolate manufacturing company located in the Tuscany region of Italy. Their products range from chocolate bars to truffles and pralines, and their award winning chocolate bars use single origin and single varietal cocoa beans.