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Amano Ocumare Grand Cru Premium Dark Chocolate

Amano Ocumare Grand Cru Premium Dark Chocolate


On the central coast of Venezuela is a remote valley known as Ocumare De La Costa. Once almost totally inaccessible, the Ocumare region has been known for its superior criollo cacao since at least the early 1700s. Amano hand selected these beans for their fruity and floral notes that pair well with the rich chocolate flavor. They then carefully roasted them in their antique cacao roaster to enhance their optimal flavor. This is a wonderful 70% bar.

Amano is dedicated to reviving the art in the chocolate manufacturing process. They are one of only a small handful of companies in the United States who manufacture their own chocolate directly from the bean. Using vintage European equipment and techniques, Amano strives to make the very best chocolate possible.