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Amano Guayas Premium Dark Chocolate 70%

Amano Guayas Premium Dark Chocolate 70%


Handcrafted Chocolate: Made from cocoa beans exclusively from the Guayas River Basin upriver from Guayaquil Ecuador. These prized beans were transformed into chocolate in small batches in our own chocolate factory in the Rocky Mountains.
Incredible Chocolate Flavor: Rich and smooth chocolate flavor with natural flavor notes of blackberry, smokeyness and is rich and complex These are a natural flavor component of these special Nacional "Arriba" cocoa beans from Ecuador.
Pure Chocolate, Nothing Added: Amano does not add flavorings (other than a tad of vanilla that helps to bring out chocolate's true flavor), nuts, fruit bits, spices, etc. to our chocolate. Our chocolate is so good, it doesn't need all that other stuff.

    Amano is dedicated to reviving the art in the chocolate manufacturing process. They are one of only a small handful of companies in the United States who manufacture their own chocolate directly from the bean. Using vintage European equipment and techniques, Amano strives to make the very best chocolate possible.