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Please take a moment to look through our Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Chocolate melt when shipped?

We take great care to ensure the chocolate you purchase will not melt during shipping. For this reason we will not ship chocolate when temperatures reach levels where this could happen.

Can I order Chocolate as a gift for a friend?

By all means, in fact we have many customers who regularly do this.

Is dark chocolate healthy for you?

Recent studies are showing that dark chocolate can lower blood pressure, and is high in anti-oxidants. Visit this link for more information.

How do you choose which lines of chocolate are offered?

Our mission is to gather together the highest quality dark chocolate products from the sources that are not found at mass market retailers. Often these are "artisan" providers that produce in small handmade batches for freshness and quality. Some of our suppliers are doing good in their production process, such as supporting the rain forest, fair trade, or organic farming. We try to feature no more than 10 lines at any given time.

What do you mean by "everyday dark chocolate"?

We want to be able to eat dark chocolate everyday without feeling guilty. We sell fabulous, fresh, high-quality chocolates made by small, special companies from the purest ingredients. Having some every day makes us feel good, but not overly indulgent.

How long will my chocolates last?

The chocolates that we carry are always delivered fresh and have a shelf life of 6-9 months for bars and 3 months for toffees and truffles.

How should I store them?

The chocolates should be stored at an average temperature of 68°F with low humidity. They do not need to be refrigerated.

How long will it take for my order to be shipped?

We try to keep a reasonable supply of every product we sell in stock, but we carefully manage our inventory to keep our stock as fresh as possible. For items we have in stock, we will ship with in 48 hours of receipt of order. For orders that are placed on Saturdays, they will ship on the following Tuesday.