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About Us


The Chocolate Path

Our Mission

To provide for dark chocolate lovers a wide selection of pure products from the best small manufacturers.

Our Story

We love dark chocolate.  Finding an expert who can match you up with variety of good quality bars, truffles and other assorted chocolate treats from a wide choice of top brands had been a challenge for us. We decided that it was time to find great dark chocolate from all over the world and have it in one place.  Thus the beginning of chocolatepath.com.  Think 'my favorite wine shop' for chocolate.

We continue to search for and discover great new sources and product lines that best represent the complex flavors of truly great, small-batch dark chocolate from the world's greatest cocoa growing regions.

Often, our suppliers are 'bean to bar' specialists who own, grow, or source their cocoa to create their products.  We also carry products from the best chocolatiers who make dark chocolate bars, truffles, toffees and other assorted confections from the finest dark chocolate and freshest spices and ingredients.

We sell to individual or corporate customers nationwide and conduct live tastings at public and private events in our local area and New York City. 


We are proud members of the Fine Chocolate Industry