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Catskill Provisions

The Catskill Provisions story:

Honey is our foundation. At Catskill Provisions, 100% New York State raw honey is the common ingredient in our all-natural food products, from chocolate truffles and sauces to mixes and marinades to rubs and cocktail rimmers and, of course, our highly acclaimed whiskeys & spirits.

It began with one beekeeping kit—a gift that sparked a passion. Claire Marin, proprietor of Catskill Provisions, was immediately taken with the bees’ Zen-like devotion to their pursuits. She was impressed with how they worked together towards a common goal, in easy harmony with their environment.

Born in Madrid and raised in New York City from the age of fourteen on, Claire had already attained success in the publishing world as Vice President, Publisher of Woman’s Day Brand Group. But after moving to the small, rural town of Long Eddy in the Catskill Mountains, she found herself more and more moved by the bees. Following their example, she began building her own community-oriented business with resources close at hand—the hives, maple trees, and local farmers of Upstate New York.

Today, Claire Marin tends over 300 beehives in Delaware, Sullivan, and Madison Counties (as well as one hive on West 10th Street in Manhattan) in New York State which she works on with two other local beekeepers, and, working closely with a 4th generation maple farmer, taps over 2,000 maple trees and oversees the production and filling/packing of the pure maple syrup. The revenue from the syrup (the best she’s ever tasted in New York state!) is kept entirely within the local community.

100% Raw New York Honey & Pure Maple Syrup Food Products

Catskill Provisions’ raw honeys and pure maple syrups are now highly acclaimed, with a devoted following among New York City’s top hospitality experts, gourmet buyers, and celebrity chefs such as Dan Kluger, Marc Meyer, and Jean Georges. In 2013, Catskill Provisions began distilling genuine spirits—an 80 proof New York Rye rounded out with wildflower honey. Marin had always wanted to distill and this is her first foray into that exciting category. Catskill Provisions NY Honey Whiskey has received many accolades including a high rating of 88 from legendary Editor at Whiskey Advocate, Lew Bryson. NY Honey Whiskey is now available in 7 states and you’ll find it on many cocktail menus as it mixes beautifully into delicious libations.For more details on the whiskey please go to that page of our site. you’ll find it across the top navigation bar of our home page.

The Catskill Provisions community has grown to include locavore restaurants, hotels, and specialty stores in New York City, whose shared goals include a commitment to producing and procuring 100% sustainable, raw, organic, local food products.

Together, we work towards the greater good: environmental protection, vibrant local economies, and, of course, our health and wellbeing. We invite you to partner with us—and Bee Proud!

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