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Michel Cluizel Mokaya 66% Bar

Michel Cluizel Mokaya 66% Bar


For 10 years now, Chocolaterie Michel Cluizel has been selecting renowned plantations in the most reputable cocoa producing countries of the world, in order to create its “1ers Crus de Plantation” dark and milk chocolates. For each “1er Cru de Plantation” chocolate, the Chocolate Maker selects cocoa beans from one single plantation in order to achieve a unique taste. Mokaya is the new distant plantation where Michel Cluizel chose to harvest the best cocoa beans. This chocolate bar made of organic 66% cocoa dark cocoa from Mexico offers an inimitable flavor and distinctive, subtle hints of exotic fruit.

Mexico a land of cocoa The home of cocoa, which was discovered about ten years ago at the heart of the Chiapas province in Mexico, stretches down to the border with Guatemala. Over 2000 years before our era, the Mokayas, an indigenous people of fishermen, already used to have a drink made with cocoa flesh or grains: the first “cocoa” in the world, which was then called “kakawa”. At the heart of the warmest area of the country, on fertile volcanic lands, planters perpetuate an age-old tradition that dates back to the Maya period. The ancestral savoir-faire of cocoa tree growing, which has been passed on from one generation to the next, gives priority to Biodiversity, with a traditional agroforestry method used within the “cacaotales”, the cocoa growing plots of land. Mamita Demetria, the ambassador of the plantation, also known as “the cocoa mama”, now teaches the planters the legendary knowledge of the drink of the Maya gods. Thanks to this type of farming, which remains faithful to indigenous customs, the Mokaya cocoa trees were granted the Organic farming certification. After being harvested by hand, white beans are fermented in wooden boxes, for 4 to 5 days, and naturally sun-dried, in order to enhance all their flavors. Once beans received, Chocolaterie Michel Cluizel processes them and turns them into exceptional chocolate bars directly in its Normandy workshops, according to a traditional method.