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Dark Chocolate Gift Basket: Chocoholic

Dark Chocolate Gift Basket: Chocoholic


This rates as the ultimate gift for the true chocoholic! Are you very fond of chocolate? Drop some hints so this Chocoholic Gift can be yours. Until then, why not send it to other fans of cocoa you know? We've combined three of our best dark chocolate gifts, The Sampler, The Taster, and The Chocolatier, all into one basket!

This package almost overflows with a cornucopia of chocoholic gifts that includes:

  • A 65%  origin bar
  • A wonderful bag of dark chocolate covered toffee
  • A stack of 10 75% Pralus origin bars from all over the world
  • A caramelized almond bar
  • A Salty Dog Bite
  • A 4 piece box of seasonal truffles
  • A chocolate bar with assorted fruits or nuts
  • A spicy chocolate bar with chile and cayenne pepper
  • A 75% origin bar
  • A 90% origin bar
  • A 100% origin bar 
  • A Burnt Caramel and Hawaiian Sea Salt bar 
  • A bag of whole roasted cocoa beans coated in layers of chocolate and cocoa powder
  • A tin of Hot Chocolate
  • A fresh mint bar
  • A mocha chocolate bar