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Dark Chocolate Gift Basket: Chocolatier

Dark Chocolate Gift Basket: Chocolatier


This gift package is a true indulgence in the world of dark chocolates.  This is a wonderful assortment for a true dark chocolate lover.  This assortment includes:

  • A 65%  origin bar
  • A wonderful bag of dark chocolate covered toffee
  • A stack of 10 75% Pralus origin bars from all over the world
  • A caramelized almond bar
  • A Salty Dog Bite
  • A 4 piece box of seasonal truffles
  • A chocolate bar with assorted fruits or nuts
  • A spicy chocolate bar with chile and cayenne pepper
  • A 75% origin bar
  • A 90% origin bar
  • A 100% origin bar 
  • A Burnt Caramel and Hawaiian Sea Salt bar 
  • A bag of whole roasted cocoa beans coated in layers of chocolate and cocoa powder