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02 Sep '19

Grilled Pork Chops With Melted Spicy Dark Chocolate - Amazing Taste Combination

Quick dinner tonight - pork chops with @oliveandsinclair Mexican style chocolate.  We love doing this dish because it’s easy and tastes great!  Grill the pork chops and put a piece of chocolate on it as it comes off the grill.  The chocolate melts onto the chop and you get this amazing spicy combination!

29 Jul '13

S'mores Test Results!


Hello Chocolate Lovers,

Here are the follow-up results for the summer s’more challenge, here they are!  As you may recall from my last guest blog post, I was planning to organize a taste test with my friends to determine the best chocolate for s’mores. If you forgot the tasting options, they were:


Patric’s Mocha OMG


Patric’s PBJ OMG


Olive and Sinclair’s Sea Salt Bar


Chuao’s Firecracker Bar


I made up a rating sheet and asked everyone to say something about the chocolate and give it a rating (out of one to five). Here are the results.

Over all, the PBJ OMG scored the highest with a whopping 21.2 points. Mocha OMG and the Firecracker followed close behind with 21 and 20 points, and the Southern Artisan came close with 17 points. The PBJ OMG reminded the tasters of the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich and blended the best with the marshmallow. The Mocha OMG blended well but didn’t compliment the marshmallow as much as the PBJ OMG. The Southern Artisan was very dark, I would definitely recommend it to those of you who enjoy the mix of sweet and rich.  The Firecracker was an experience, it is great for those who like excitement and a pop of spice.

I hope you enjoyed my blogs and let us know if you would like me to do more. I am always happy to experiment with chocolate.


                                  Stay Happy,

 Lena Fine