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02 Sep '19

Grilled Pork Chops With Melted Spicy Dark Chocolate - Amazing Taste Combination

We love to grill and have found that dark chocolate with spices goes great with a pork chop. I have to thank @fritzknipschildt for letting me in on this secret many years ago!!  #spicychocolate #chocolatedinner

Here are the quick steps to make it happen:

  • The pork chop can be boneless or on the bone.
  • For charcoal or gas grills, the chop should be a bit over an inch thick. This will allow you to properly sear the chop over higher heat without over cooking the meat.
  • Before you put the chop on the grill, rub a bit of olive oil and sprinkle on a mix of kosher salt and ground pepper. This combination of salt, pepper and the oil will help with the sear, create a great outer texture and taste and help keep the chop tender on the inside.
  • Sear the chop at high heat for 2-3 minutes on each side, then move to lower/non direct heat while it cooks. Internal temperature should be 145° Fahrenheit.
  • About a minute before you are ready to take the chop off the grill, place a square of spicy dark chocolate on the chop. Let it melt a bit before you remove the chop.
  • Let the chop rest on the plate for 3-5 minutes. This helps the chocolate continue to melt and also lets the juices fully distribute within the chop.

Here are some we made with Olive & Sinclair's 70% Mexican Style Chocolate - it is stone ground, giving it a great texture that holds up to the savory flavors of the pork chop and rub. The chocolate contains chili and cinnamon. Have fun and enjoy making this easy, interesting and delicious recipe. 

Here's more information about the chocolate used in this recipe.