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12 Jun '13

The Darker the Chocolate the Better

I really love working with people to find the perfect chocolate gift. I was recently asked by a customer to help find her husband a few bars of dark chocolate. Her general rule is "the darker the better." I like to hear that! The first bar that popped into my had was Askinosie's 77% bar from the Philippines - one of my personal favorites. It's earthy, nutty and a chocolaty chocolate bar. I then suggested Michel Cluizel's 85% bar - another rich, earthy, dark chocolate. Then I had to throw into the mix a 100% bar - pure cocoa content! Pacari's 100% Raw bar is one that I think will work for her "darker the better" strategy. It's another great dark, earthy bar with some nutty undertones. These bars are all wrapped up and ready for Father's Day. I think he's going to enjoy them all!