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07 May '14

Cacao Nib Espresso - Yes!

This morning I felt like something different than my usual cup of coffee, currently Java Love's Italian Espresso. Having an espresso machine in the house is a small indulgence that goes a long way!  The other day, someone asked me, "what happens if you grind up cocoa nibs and use them in the espresso machine?" Today was the day to see what would indeed happen. I ground up a tin of Taza Cacao Nibs with my spice grinder until they were about the consistency of espresso. I put the grind into the espresso machine's filter and hit the start button. As the pressurized water passed through the nibs the kitchen was filled with a beautiful earthy and clean smell from the cacao, perfect for a crisp Spring morning. The beverage itself was fruity, earthy and very different. 

Next - cacao nibs mixed with espresso coffee! I put some of the ground cocoa nibs into the filter along with some of the Italian Espresso and hit the start button again. The result was a deep, rich, dark colored liquid. I then steamed and frothed my milk, poured it in and had a sip. What a heavenly taste. The richness of the coffee with the earthiness and slight fruity undertones of the cacao nibs was just the thing! What a great way to start the morning.

We will definitely be having this often!  Susan


Check out the pix below.  Nib only beverage, then coffee/nib combo, espresso process, roasted nibs before and after grinding.